A downloadable game for Windows

Diaube is a Puzzle-Platformer in which you crawl all over your friend's corpses to progress.

Hop dodge and die your way through 55 levels, using the bodies of those who have unfortunately come before you. explore ruins, some place with pipes, a laser littered forest and few other areas on your way to slap the biggest boy.

How many have to die?

Install instructions

Just download and go! Thanks!


Diaube 3 MB


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Sub to Pewdiepie


This game was pretty tuff. But don't worry I beat for all of you.~ :^)


Really, Really Fun


really  interesting  game


It won't let me start it


This was a really fun little game and I had allot of fun. I didn't manage to play many levels because I'm not very good but I still had fun. I would definetly reccomend this to a friend. 


This is actually a really cool little game :) Maybe adding a tad bit of color and some music would really make it better. good job!


Cool idea. Considering adding gamepad support?


awesome game. I did get a fatal error that crashed the game on level 7 tho. gonna try it again later, hope it doesn't happen again

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Wow, this is awsome!


 I like that there is no limit to how many boys you can spawn. Didn't finish it because my RSI is bad today but what I played was fun